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Board and Train Puppies

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our obedience training! If you are having problems after you get home, you can call and talk to a trainer. The trainer will give you some exercises to try in order to resolve the problem. If you cannot seem to make it work, we will have you and/or your dog come back for additional training, at no additional cost.


  4-Week Board & Train      $995.00
  5-Week Board & Train   $1,295.00

House Training                 $295.00

Can be done during a Board & Train.
Although 99% successful, we do
not include this in our guarantee.

Pay 1/2 when you check in
and 1/2 when you check out

Board & Train Deposit

  A deposit of $100.00 is required
for a Board & Train.

Deposit Refund Policy

Notify us of a cancellation
2 weeks or more in advance
of your check-in date and your
deposit will be fully refunded.

  Make a Board Train Deposit
ONLY after reservation is made.

Pet Owner Name:
Check In Date:
List Pets:
         Board & Train Programs

Do you have the patience to to train your dog?

Do you have the time to to train your dog?

Do you have the knowledge and skills to to train your dog?

If not, a Board & Train is perfect for you and your dog.  These programs have been used successfully for over a dozen years.   We train using positive methods.

Training a dog requires knowledge, consistency, and repetition.  In a Board & Train program, your dog will receive daily training, Monday - Friday, by a trained professional.

The basic obedience commands that your dog will learn include SIT, DOWN, COME, HEEL, SIT-STAY, DOWN-STAY, and OFF.   Your dog will learn to walk on a loose leash and sit at your side when you stop. Additionally, your dog will learn door manners including not bolting out the front door, and not jumping on guest when they come in your front door.

Other bad habits that many dogs have such as mouthing, or jumping up on people will also be addressed.   If your dog has other issues, we will be happy to discuss them with you.

When you come to pick up your dog, we will spend time showing you what the dog has learned, and teaching you all of the commands and techniques used.  This session typically lasts between 1 and 2 hours.

Our goal is for you to have a well trained, well mannered dog.

First Visit With Us ?

Download our First-Time paperwork.
Return it in advance, if possible,
via email, Fax, or mail.
Or bring it with you when you check in.
Include your vaccination records as well.
This will speed up your Check-In.

First Time Paperwork

Vaccination Requirements

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