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Tracking Classes    Tracking Classes - a fun activity for you and your dog
                    Dog Training

Does your dog have any irritating habits?

Is your dog well behaved in public?

Is your dog welcome in your friends' homes?

The most common reasons that dogs are abandoned, or relinquished to an animal shelter is that the owner cannot handle them, or that the dog has bad habits.

Most dogs can be trained to be good citizens.
Through training, you can give your dog the chance to have a pleasant relationship with your family. Various programs are available to accommodate the goals you'd like to achieve.

Call for more information or to discuss a program designed to fit your dog's needs.

Board & Train Programs   Board & Train Programs  - Intense one-on-one training.  Basic Obedience skills are taught with results guaranteed. This program is temporarily on Hold.
Daily Training   Daily Training Problem Solving Sessions - while your dog is boarding or attending Day Camp, (Monday - Friday sessions) - We'll concentrate on one or two of your highest priority issues such as Loose Leash Walking, Coming When Called, Door Manners, Jumping on People, etc.
Commands in English or German   Commands can be taught in English or German.
Positive Reinforcement Training   Positive Reinforcement used in all Training

Vaccination Requirements

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