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      Narcotics Car Search

      Jeff & Nitro

Gypsy & Cindy search a fire scene

Nitro searches at lake

              Southern Star Ranch
                K9 Training Center
                    Detector Dogs

After 20+ years, and placement of many dozens of dogs in many US states and multiple foreign countries, we have retired the Detector Training programs.

Southern Star Ranch K9 Training Center began training Narcotics and Accelerant detector dogs in 2001.  Since that time, several other types of detector dogs have been added to our program.

Our detector dogs have been placed all over the North America, South America and Europe.

Positive techniques are used in the training of our detector dogs.  Their reward is typically a ball or other toy that they love.  To the dog, this is a game that they love to play.

Both aggressive and passive responses are used with detector dogs.  This is determined by the type of detection that they are doing, and by the preference of the purchaser.

We continue to be astounded at their capabilites and the heart they put into their work.

Handler Training is included with the purchase of each detector dog. Lodging is provided on our site for handlers. Basic equipment is provided with each dog including, leash, collar, reward and training toy(s).

Handlers of Narcotics, Accelerant, Cadaver and Money Detector Dogs are required to pass a written test, and also a Certification Trial. This certification is good for one year.

  Narcotics Detector Dogs for Law Enforcement and Private Security Companies.  If desired, Tracking is included at no extra charge.
   Accelerant Detector Dogs used for Arson Investigations by Fire Investigators from Fire Departments, Private Firms and by Individual Inspectors
  Cadaver Detector Dogs (Human Remains)
  Termite Detector Dogs
  Bed Bug Detector Dogs
  Cell Phone Detector Dogs for use in prisons
  Money Detector Dogs
  Tracking (Trailing) human scent
  Allergen Detector Dogs for persons with severe or fatal allergies


Dog in Bluebonnet Field in Pasture
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